Day 365

Talk about going out with a bang. Not only was today my last day of vacation but today marks Day 365 of my blog. An ENTIRE year of documenting everything I ate! Looking back, I have made huge changes in my eating habits. Before this, I used to go get fast food at drive thrus at LEAST 1-2 times a week. Now it’s seriously been cut down to about 1-2 times a month. 

My weight has gone down a bit but not to make that considerable of a difference. But I’ve managed to be about 5lbs less than what I started with. I was about 140lbs when I started this thing I think and now I’m about 127 - 133 lb range.

Also, I’ve never gone to the gym this much consistently in my life before. Usually, I’ll start going to the gym and be really into it but will stop going after a few months.. Now, I’m to this point where I feel guilty about missing work outs for more than a few days. 

Overall, I’ve proved to myself that I can be really consistent with things in my life when I want to. IE: keeping up with this blog, working out, doing once a month cheat days, etc. I’m going to retire this blog for now but I intend to continue with these habits of eating salads at least for lunch Mon-Fri and possible few for dinners as well, working out during my one hour lunch Mon-Fri, and continue staying away from fast food joints. 

Today I ate: 

  • Dunkin Donuts for breakfast: breakfast fried chicken biscuit sandwich with hashbrowns, 2 donuts, and an iced vanilla coffee
  • 3 outta 4 slices of a personal pan Pizza Hut pizza from the airport
  • Another few bites from that massive Mickey Mouse rice crispie treat from Downtown Disney
  • Burger King for dinner: Fried chicken sandwich with fries and a Sprite
  • Some stir-fry shrimp and rice (when we finally got to my boyfriend’s house at night)

I told you I went out with a bang!! 

Til I decide to blog about something else again.. Ciao, Tumblr!!!

Day 364

Hanging out with a bunch of dudes is TIRING. So today, since it’s our last day in Melbourne, I took my boyfriend’s sister and her daughter to a local nail salon to relax and get our nails done!


It was nice to get away and just have some girl time. The little niece was so into getting her nails done. =’) I’ll miss you, little one!! 

Today I ate: 

  • Buffet for lunch: like 8 pieces of various sushi, 2 pieces of fried chicken, potsticker, Chinese donut, and a fortune cookie 
  • At the bowling alley: 2 glasses of beer and a jello shot
  • Sonics for a quick snack: Chilli cheese tater tots and a Oreo Sonic Blast. 
  • 1 slice of combination pizza and 2 bread sticks for dinner

Day 363 

Went to Orlando today to visit Downtown Disney! It was a pretty fun time <3 Cept for the fact that it was boiling HOT and walking around outside was a WORK OUT. But we made some pitstops to get beers on the way ;) Everything about Disneyland is so cute. I loved it =)

For dinner, we had a nice sit down dinner with everyone at home =) It was great. =)

August Photo Challenge #smiles

Today I ate: 

  • Special K Berries with milk 
  • Pho Tai, an eggroll, and Thai tea for lunch
  • An ear of that big ole Mickey Mouse rice crispie treat 
  • 1 Corona and 1 Blue Moon
  • 3 shots or so of Jameson
  • Rice with steak and prahok (made by my boyfriend’s sister)
  • Glass of red wine

Day 362

Today was one of the most memorable days! We successfully surprised my boyfriend’s little niece!! Once we got to their house in Melbourne, we texted her mom to take her into the mom’s room while we had her dad open the garage for us so that we could sneak into her own room. One of the other brothers rang the doorbell. She ran to open the door and we could hear from her room “UNCLE CHARLIE!!!!!!”. I was already teary eyed!! And then he asked her to show him her room and when she opened the door, we yelled SURPRISE!!! She was shocked! =’) Too cute! We’ve missed you! <3

Today I ate: 

  • Rice with chicken wings and Cambodian stew called Slaw Machew (sp??)
  • 4 slices of pizza, 2 chicken wings, 3-4 beers at the roller rink
  • Rice with 2 small ribs for dinner
  • 2-3 shots of Jameson

Day 361

Our last night in Miami! Tried out South Beach this time and omg I wish we had gone here last night also!! It was WILD! There’s a strip of just restaurants/bars/clubs with so many people and neon lights. It was beautiful! We started out night at Wet Willies where I got a “Ninja turtle” which was pretty yummy =D Then we did some bar/club hopping but didn’t stay out too late since we have to leave early tomorrow morning for Melbourne to visit my boyfriend and brother’s sister and niece for the remainder of our stay here in Florida. It’s been amazing, Miami!! 

Today I ate: 

  • Scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of toast for breakfast
  • Shot of Hen
  • Hen and coke on the beach
  • Handful of Cheezits
  • Dinner at Sazon for some Cuban food - Pollo Chicharrones with fries and white rice. Delish!! A Margarita and also a Cuban espresso shot. Thought it was going to keep me up like I was cracked out but negative. I took a nap basically right after I got back to the condo lol. 
  • 2 or so shots of Hen
  • Ninja Turtle at Wet Willies 
  • A Corona at some club

Day 360

TODAY was a day I will never forget because I got to hold a baby alligator!!!!!!!


I swear this is one of the only things I was dying to do in Florida!! I was so excited to get to hold SNAPPY the baby alligator!!! SO AWESOME!!! The airboat tour was also awesome. The Everglades is SOOO VAST. It’s amazing!!! 

My life is a little more complete! 

Today I ate: 

  • Made breakfast for everyone this morning: I just had some scrambled eggs and half a bacon
  • A shot of Hen
  • Half my plate of chicken tenders with fries for lunch
  • My left over plate of chicken tenders with fries plus my left over wrap for dinner (Shared with my boyfriend)
  • 3 Coronas or so while bar hopping around 
  • Late night Hot Pocket

Day 359


Landed at 6am this morning and omg, we stepped out the airport and my glasses fogged up thanks to the humidity! Def something to get used to…!! But everything was beautiful! The condo we booked is literally right next to the beach! We are all so hyped up!!!!! I haven’t had a vacation like this in years! I think 2011 was the last time I went on vacay for more than just a few nights on the weekend. Def deserve this.. 

Today I ate: 

  • Asiago bagel with cream cheese with some orange juice
  • Cuban food for lunch: The Cubano wrap which had turkey, ham, cheese, and some sauce with a side of fries. (Half my plate)
  • 2 Coronas and a shot of Hen
  • Iced coffee and a choco chip cookie from Starbucks
  • More shots and etc through out the night

Day 358


Left for Miami today on the red-eye after working halfday.. Omg frickin Delta.. We took a flight to Miami with one stop. SFO -> LAX -> MIA. Well on the flight from SFO -> LAX, they gave us a frickin VEGGIE PLATTER. Who does that..!?? It was too funny. Thank goodness I came with my box of Cheezits! Lol 

Today I ate: 

  • Fage Yogurt
  • Cup of coffee
  • Salad for lunch
  • 2-3 shots of Hen with Coke backs before getting picked up by my boyfriend and brothers for the airport. Couldn’t get vacay started any earilier 
  • A bunch of Cheezits
  • A turkey, cheese, pesto sandwich at SFO with a Corona
  • The crackers that came in the veggie platter and a Sprite on the flight to LAX
  • A shot of Jameson at the bar at LAX
  • Cookies that thankfully the next flight provided for us and a ginger ale (screw you, veggies!)

Day 357

Leaving for Miami TOMORROW! I can not wait!!!! I still have a ton of things to do today after work… I get anxiety for trips like this!! I only feel RELAXED when I’m safely at the gate ON TIME. 

Also, I came across this article about how TSA allows you to bring in 3oz bottles of LIQUOR (those mini-mini bottles you find in hotels fridges sometimes) onto the plane so you can drink on your plane ride to your destination! I was totally about to go get those for myself and the guys but then I scrolled all the way thru and in the “updates” section dated Feb 2014, there’s a government code on there that says passengers can’t drink alcoholic beverages that are NOT served by the attendants.. =(

I rather not risk doing something stupid and getting kicked off the plane or something. Well our flight is a red-eye anyways.. So hopefully I can get some sleep..! (Or just drink before we go to the airport/at the airport lol)

Today I ate: 

  • Cup of coffee 
  • Fage yogurt with blue berry
  • Prepackaged Santa Fe Chicken salad with added extra lettuce and added extra grilled chicken: lettuce, shredded cheese, corn, some tortilla, grilled chicken, and Southwestern ranch dressing. 
  • The same salad for dinner: Prepackaged Santa Fe Chicken salad with added extra lettuce and added extra grilled chicken: lettuce, shredded cheese, corn, some tortilla, grilled chicken, and Southwestern ranch dressing. 

Day 356

Oh man.. I definitely needed today off X( 

Hopefully it’s a quiet day at both jobs today.. Zzzz

I packed after my 2 shifts today tho.. Well not packed necessarily.. but laid out all the clothes I wanna take.. Now I just need to go through my makeup/hair things.. My boyfriend and I are sharing luggage. No one believes me but I think it’s possible! I mean, we are going to MIAMI where its so HUMID you won’t really wanna wear too much clothes.. So I’m wearing a pair of jeans on the plane but other than that, everything is shorts/skirts/thin maxi dresses and tanks/tees and of course bikinis! So I think it’s doable! 

August photo challenge: Day 3 #yummy drink

Today I ate: 

  • Cup of coffee 
  • Fage yogurt with raspberry
  • Prepacked Southwestern salad with extra lettuce, grilled chicken, some corn/beans, some shredded cheese, some tortilla chips, and Southwestern ranch dressing
  • The above Bambu drink - #4 with no red tapioca 
  • The same salad that I had for lunch: Prepacked Southwestern salad with extra lettuce, grilled chicken, some corn/beans, some shredded cheese, some tortilla chips, and Southwestern ranch dressing